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It’s always a challenge to send a course out for review and determine the best way to capture and consolidate all of the comments. There are many online browser-based authoring tools that make the review process easy and seamless. However for desktop installed tools it can still be a challenge. Here are 2 tools that can help.

Review My eLearning

This app provides a collaborative way for reviewers of an eLearning course to give feedback on each slide or page, while viewing a course. Upload a course and as each slide displays, there is a comment box associated with it. The app collects all the relevant comments by slide and displays them in a table for the producer to see. The producer can converse with the reviewer through the app, such as asking for clarifications.

Comment Catcher®

This tool is designed for Articulate users to easily capture eLearning course feedback. This tool allows you to consolidate and rate all of your subject matter expert’s feedback in one location for easy review and incorporation into your course. Check out this website to learn more. (Admin’s note: Links deactivated as it seems like the product website is no longer the same product.)


Another great tool is Lectora’s ReviewLink. This tool allows Lectora users to publish their courses directly to ReviewLink. Then the reviewers/subject matter experts can post their comments directly on the course pages. “ReviewLink makes the review process much easier and much more simple for our users, streamlining the process for feedback like never before and filling a much needed space in the e-Learning world,” said Peter Bray, Chief Marketing Officer at Trivantis Corporation. “This tool has proven to be more of a success than even we anticipated. The praise and satisfaction we continue to receive from our clients regarding ReviewLink is astounding. ”

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