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It’s a well-accepted idea in the eLearning community that games can be a powerful teaching tool. Simply put, the combination of strategically structured tasks and positive reinforcement given at the right time can work wonders. Games can be as simple as a cleverly themed quiz or as elaborate as a full-on interactive demonstration of a complex scientific process. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you might even consider using a group game–something that a whole classroom full of trainees or students can collaborate on or compete over.

If you’ve spent any time perusing our library, you’ll know that we have oodles of game templates spanning many different authoring tools and software packages.

One of those authoring tools is the world-famous Adobe Captivate. Today we’re featuring a couple of our favorite game templates designed for the Captivate ecosystem.

Race for the Treasure

Race for Treasure

Race for the Treasure is a swashbuckling good time of a quiz. The learner plays the part of a pirate searching from one edge of the map to the other for lost gold.

Race For Treasure Captivate Game

The gameplay is quite simple. A tattered old treasure map is dotted with several X’s, waiting for you to click them one by one. Each X will take you to a new “digging site” where you will be asked a question. Answer the question correctly and you’ll walk away with a handful of gold doubloons. Answer foolishly and you’ll leave with nothing but a pile of freshly turned dirt for your efforts.

Level Up

Level Up Captivate Game

Level Up is a quiz game with a bit of suspense. As soon as you begin the quiz, the clock is ticking down. You’ll have to think and fast to finish all the questions in time. If you find yourself stuck on a question, you can use one of your lifeline hints to steer you towards the correct answer. Use these wisely, though, because you only get three!

Level Up Captivate Game 2

Many of these Captivate games are included in your Captivate 9 subscription. Check out this short video that shows how to access them. You can also add more asset libraries to your eLearning Brothers subscription here.

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