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eLearning Cutout People

With the right cutout people you can create action like moves in Adobe Captivate. This is the first post of a three part series that will show you how to use cutout people in your projects. The second part of the series will show you How to Sync Audio to Your Photos and the third will show you How to Use Animated Text.

For the new comers to Adobe Captivate, cutout people refers to the background of a photo that has been masked out. These photos come from our eLearning Brothers Template Library under the name “Andrew2”.

eLearning Brother Cutout People


Importing Your Cutout People

So lets get started. Go to the library tab in the top right. If you don’t see a Library tab you can go to Window and click Library. Go to the folder icon with the arrow and click it to import your photos.


When you find your imported photos in the Library hold the Control key and click the images your need for your slide. (This is a great time saving tip!) Once they are all highlighted as a group, select one of the photos of the group and drag and drop them into your slide. Since the three photos are grouped on import they can now be resized as a group, rather than individually.


Resizing Images

Now the images are in the slide these photos need some resizing. Now click the Properties Tab and go down to the Transform drop down menu.


Click the Constrain Proportions box. Hover your cursor over the “W” for width, notice you can move your cursor left or right to make your photo bigger or smaller. Adjust the size to your preference.

Sync Photos to Content

First, you want make sure your photos are directly aligned. To do this select the photo, preferably on the top layer, and move the photos until all lay directly on top of each other.



Finally, select a photo clip in the timeline and drag it down to the right to appear later in your timeline. To edit the length of each photo go to the end of the clip and drag to the right like the photo below.



Stay tuned for the second part of How to Sync Audio to Your Photos.
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