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As an eLearning professional, you know how effective a good scenario can be for introducing a concept or for putting it to the test. That’s the primary reason we’ve branched out and created scenarios for an increasing number of authoring tools. Now you can use Camtasia, the popular video editing software by Techsmith, to create your own unique scenarios.

Simply download a template, plug in your own own text and, if needed, swap out some images and characters, and suddenly you’ve got yourself a fully-functional scenario ready to plug into your Camtasia eLearning project.

 Office 03

With a slick gray color scheme, and a young, casual cutout person, this scenario could function well in a university or internship setting or anywhere else where an appeal to a youthful demographic is needed.

Camtasia Scenario Conversational- Office 0Office 02

A classy businesswoman stands in a professional environment dominated by oranges and whites. This makes for perfect corporate training and orientation. The colors and textures are indicative of a successful company that takes pride in their business.

Camtasia Scenario Conversational- Office 02Office 04

Another brightly lit office showcasing a brightly lit smile. In a modern office filled with natural sunlight, illuminating beautifully soft grays, blues, and yellows, this template is perfect for cultivating a sleek and modern image that brings to mind the overnight success of recent tech start-ups and subtly sends a message of lively innovation.

Camtasia Scenario Conversational- Office 04

For information on our Camtasia templates for eLearning, you can learn more here.

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