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Camtasia is one of the most popular screen capture tools currently on the market. As part of the eLearning community, you probably have at least some familiarity with this software even if it’s not already installed on your computer right now. Our friends at Lectora have seen an influx of their users incorporating Camtasia into their workflow. In light of these developments, we’ve decided to broaden our horizons and create a new set of Camtasia templates.

Our stock asset library makes for a great addition to Camtasia’s already impressive bag of tools, helping you get even more out such a robust piece of software, and just one more reason to check out our template library. If you are already a subscriber, then consider this a free upgrade, with new features available to you at no extra charge.

Cutout frames


These are perfect for creating images that look like they came directly from a professional photo-shoot. Place your image or video in one of these frames to achieve a realistic look and feel for your graphic that gives the impression they are actually framed or being displayed through the cut-out in real life, not just pasted on top of a computer background picture.

Course starters

course starters

Easily customizable, these full course templates allow you to reverse-engineer stellar looking courses and make them your own. Just put in your text, tinker with the elements, add your own pieces, and change the order around to suit your presentation and presto! You’ve got yourself a beautiful lecture that would make John Keating jealous. Carpe diem.

Overlays, Title Slides, and Lower Thirds


We’ve got a whole line of overlays that are easily applied to your videos and courses. Show the titles of your presentations effortlessly or list of key bullet points without disrupting the overall presentation.



Scenarios are great for getting people thinking of the the subject in a more concrete, “real-world” setting. We have many templates with interchangeable backgrounds, cutout people, and other elements ready to be plugged into Camtasia that can be retooled and manipulated to fit whatever scenario you wish to set up.

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