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Camtasia Essentials: Organizing Project Files

They say that a clean home is a happy home, and an organized mind is a happy mind. This is as true about your home and your mind as it is with your eLearning video project. The larger the project, the more likely you are to lose track of the pieces. This makes it all the more important to keep your assets in order by making a process that is consistent and easy to follow. If you’re familiar with several video editing softwares, you may be used to using bins within the video editor to organize your assets. However, bins are not available in Camtasia 9, so you have to come up with alternatives.

In this blog, I’ll give you three ideas on how to organize your work so that you can keep your head on straight when using Camtasia 9.

Idea 1 – File Type Folders

As video makers, we deal with all kinds and sizes of files. Why not use these pre-made designations to your advantage? Since Camtasia 9 doesn’t have an in-editor file system, you’ll want to use your computer’s File Explorer (or Finder for Mac) for these organizations. Create a “Project” folder (normally I name this folder whatever my project/video will be named), and create folders within it based on your files.

Within each of these, you may want more folders for organizing. For example, your audio folder may have three folders in it named SOUNDTRACKS, VOICE OVERS, and SOUND EFFECTS.

This can help you collect assets, and as you import them into Camtasia you’ll know exactly where each item is. This will help with gathering assets and knowing where everything is as you import it into your project. But it doesn’t help you keep your files organized once they’re in Camtasia.

Idea 2 – Import As Needed

To help solve the problem of organizing files in Camtasia, you can try importing items only as you need them. If you import everything for your entire project all at once, then you’ll have to scroll through the entire media bin when you need an asset.

It will also help to import chronologically, so that as your media bin grows in size, you’ll know that the assets needed for the beginning of your timeline are at the top of the media bin, etc.

Idea 3 – Zip Your Project

If you find yourself pulling in assets from all sorts of places—downloads folder, pictures folder, external hard drive, etc.—you run the risk of accidentally deleting or losing assets over time. The easy solution to this is once you’ve got all of your assets in your media bin, export your project as zip. This can be found under the File menu.

What this does is creates a new zip folder on your computer that contains your project file and all of the assets in your media bin. If you wanted, you could delete all of your original files, even your project, and you’d have your project preserved in the zip folder. You’d no longer have any fear of accidentally losing project files and assets with all of your assets in one place.

Hopefully you’ve found at least one of these to be useful. You’ll find that using these organizational tactics will bring you peace of mind and a greater ease in editing. Let us know in the comments if you have any other organizational ideas, and don’t forget to check out these other Camtasia editing tips.

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