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Camtasia Animation Features You Didn't Know About

Among the many new and exciting features in Camtasia 9, one of my favorites is the expansive pre-built animations that are ready for us to use.

Let’s talk Transitions first. If you used Camtasia Studio 8, you’re already familiar with the thirty transitions that are built into Camtasia. These include different effects such as Fade, Ripple, Stretch, and Radial wipe. What Camtasia 9 has brought to the table is a new user interface that makes finding the right set of transitions quick and easy.

From the left ribbon, select the Transitions menu. This unfolds the transitions with the default type set to All. In this list, you’ll find all thirty transitions and you can click and drag these onto any object on your timeline.


If you select the type drop-down menu, you’ll find five additional type options. These can be useful if you are creating a large production where you want to use more than one transition, but still keep them all fairly similar.

Another cool trick to be aware of with transitions is if you drag a transition down to an object, and hover it over the center of the object, it will apply that transition to both ends. This can be extremely useful when you’re working on a large project, or are just trying to save some time.

Next we’ll take a look at the new animations. Further down the ribbon from the transitions, you’ll find the Animations menu. Opening this pulls up two tabs, one is the zoom-n-pan, and the other is animations.


The zoom-n-pan does just what it says in that it makes small adjustments as far as zooming and panning is concerned. It is almost identical to the same options in Camtasia Studio 8.

The Animations tab will show you ten styles of animations. The first one is a Custom animation. Using this animation is exactly like using animations in Camtasia Studio 8. Click and drag that onto your timeline, and select the new position you want your object to move to. The next animation is my favorite of the new pre-built animations, and it’s called Restore. This is a great animation that goes hand in hand with the Custom animation because what it does it exactly reverses whatever the last animation was on the object.

Along with those two heavy hitters at the top, you’ll find eight other animation types including Smart Focus which works in conjunction with your .trec files.

The video below gives an example of how to use these animations and transitions in a simple video. You can find this video in our knowledge base.

Let us know in the comments which Camtasia animation is your favorite in the newest version, and don’t forget to take a look at our new Camtasia assets in our template library!


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