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Camtasia 18: New Features You Need to Try

Big news—TechSmith has released a new version of Camtasia! This may come to a shock to you since the time between Camtasia 8 and Camtasia 9 was four years, with Camtasia 9 releasing in October of 2016. Here we are not even two years later and we have Camtasia 18. With some TechSmith plans you may be getting the upgrade for free. For most people though it does come with a $99 upgrade cost.

Is It Worth It?

The more I’ve dug into it, the more I’ve found that there are a few key things that have been added and tweaked in this new version that may or may not make it worth it for you. Let’s talk about those new features.

Support for 60 Frames Per Second

This is long overdue. Those who are using Camtasia to capture and publish their gaming will be happy to know that Camtasia 18 does now support the higher frame rate. This is getting up to speed with the rest of the world of video editors.

Faster Render Times

This is a big brag for TechSmith. If you’ve seen their marketing on social media, you’ve seen that they now boast render times that are 50% faster than Camtasia 9. That is great news for people like me who produce videos several times a day and need that speed. As I’ve played around with Camtasia 18, I’ve found that they aren’t blowing smoke, it really is faster.

Updated Library Functionality

This is my favorite new feature. This is a huge change for the Mac version and a small addition of convenience to the PC version. For the Mac version they now have a library section that is comparable with the PC version. You can now save your favorite and most used templates, annotations, or videos directly to your library for extremely easy access.

The update to the PC version is that they’ve moved the Library out of the Media bar in the ribbon and given it its own section.

As you dig into that library you’ll find that you can create multiple libraries, or sections, of your library.

This is great if you are trying to organize your templates and assets that you use over and over. For example if you have several clients that you build for you can separate your templates for each of them, or if you have certain styles that you try to keep to and don’t want those assets mixing together, feel free to create a new user library and organize to your heart’s desire. You can see in the above image that I’ve created a library called “eLearning Brothers” where I can keep the templates I download from the Template Library.

What’s more, if you have a team of people using Camtasia 18 and you’d like to share your assets with them you can even export entire libraries at once.

Exporting entire libraries helps when trying to keep a certain brand feel across multiple creators. This is a very exciting new feature that is going to streamline my work for sure.

New Customizable Themes

Here’s another great feature for creating many videos that need to have the same look and feel. You can now save your color palette and font files to a theme that can be easily applied to your annotations and other items.

For example, here in the work I do we have several colors that are a part of our brand. I am able to go into Camtasia, find those colors, and then save them to a theme that makes them quickly accessible any time I can adjust the color.

Likewise I can save a few of my fonts to a theme so I do not have to search for them or even remember each time I need them.

Potential Downsides

It is important to note that this is a complete new version of Camtasia, so when it comes to backwards compatibility between Camtasia 9 and Camtasia 18, you’ll want to know that there isn’t any. If you convert a project from Camtasia 9 to Camtasia 18, there is no going back. If you find yourself working with several people working in Camtasia, they’ll all need to be on 18 in order to share files and projects.

Template Compatibility

Another question I can tell you’re wanting an answer to: Do eLearning Brothers templates work in Camtasia 18? All of our templates now work in Camtasia 18 for both Mac and PC. You will want to ensure that you are downloading the Mac/PC versions respectively (there is a need to differentiate for Version 9/3), but they’ll work flawlessly. And don’t forget to add them to your Library so you never have to download them again!

Final Thoughts: Upgrade or Not?

That comes down to the projects that you tend to work on. For me it is absolutely worth it, just for the library accessibility for Mac. Beyond that I love having an easily organized library that I can easy share among my peers. I will also use the themes every day, and that will save me time and frustration. You also may find large amounts of happiness in this newest version. Let us know what you think!

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