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Butchers, Bakers, and Candlestick Makers - Cutout Characters for Your Industry

In case you haven’t been asked enough since you were two years old, I’ll ask it again: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A teacher? A writer? Butcher, baker, candlestick-maker?

Whatever you ultimately choose, there’s a good chance that an eLearning course could help you on your path to reaching that goal. And wouldn’t it be doubly helpful if the course featured cutout characters relevant to your line of work?

Our Cutout People Library is filled with characters of all shapes, sizes, and most other attributes you can think of. And the beautiful thing is, you can hone your search to get the specific results you need, which means a character from your industry is just a click away!

Here are just a few industries represented by our selection of cutouts:

Customer Service


A great portion of the jobs currently on the market are going to require customer service skills in some fashion, especially in the growing fields of tech support and other phone-related careers. With so many people entering these jobs, there is a huge market for computer-based training tools tailored to their industry. Our Customer Service cutouts come in a variety of different poses and angles, so you can rest assured your getting the best cutout for your course.



One constant of human nature is our imperfection. When that imperfection rears its ugly head, we’re bound to hurt ourselves or get very ill. This being the case, we are always going to need doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to make us whole again. So shouldn’t those medical staff be trained using only the highest quality of eLearning? See our wide selection of Medical cutouts here.



Construction and demolition are very skill-heavy careers that are necessary to keep civilization in motion. Without a well-educated industrial force, we can’t possibly hope to stay at the level we are. Drop some of these Industrial cutouts into your next eLearning course.



With any luck, people will always be curious and wanting to learn. Our selection of Student cutouts features 18 youthful characters in hundreds of poses with their various different school supplies.

For these and many other cutout characters, check out our Cutout People Library today to find the right character for your course.

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