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As the days get shorter and colder, we start to wrap ourselves up in more layers of clothing to keep out the chill. Sadly, six layers of cloth doesn’t always look very debonair (think little Randy in “A Christmas Story”).

However, wrapping yourself in argyle, the king of patterns, is one surefire way to look good in the cold. Working well for both sweaters and socks, it just so happens that Argyle also has a place in our Lectora eLearning catalog.

Argyle Layout


With rustic browns, off-whites and blues our Argyle templates take a weathered, yet classy approach to the argyle style, paired beautifully with sans serif fonts and clean modern icons.

Conversational Scenario


A conversational scenario is useful to run your learners through a real world situation with safe failure conditions. So why not do it in style with the Argyle layout and our Cutout Characters Tasha and Forrest? Choose carefully to navigate the tripwires of a business negotiation and come to a healthy conclusion.



Use the tabbed interaction to navigate through multiple pages of information, contained in one simple module.

Drag and Drop


In this drag and drop interaction, sort through multiple labels to find those which correspond to the correct question text, all in front of the backdrop of the dapper Argyle background.



Three great things come together here to create something truly beautiful. Those familiar tessellating diamonds, a smooth piano track, and our famous Gameshow template. The popular Jeopardy!-style game is a unique way to quiz one or more learners at once, or give a general wrap-up of the material. Now you can use the same game in conjunction with other Argyle templates to keep consistency while having fun.

To find these and other great Lectora templates, check out our Template Library today!

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