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Continuing our up close look at our new line of custom courses for the Bridge LMS, today we’re focusing on Thriving Through Conflict, a course that not only teaches how to resolve conflict, but to make more productive and creative choices because of it.

No matter what line of work you’re in, you’re going to have a conflict with someone. It may not culminate in a fistfight or even in a shouting match, but the very nature of a workplace will always create competing personalities and goals to some degree. Someone else—simply doing doing their job, or failing to take your needs and goals into account—might do or say something that effectively prevents you from doing your job or breeds a contentious work environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could neutralize contention while also using the mental energy of the conflict to your creative and productive advantage?

In this course, the characters Olivia and John (above) are having a bit of an office tiff. Both of their positions require use of the copier, but they often find they need the machine at the same time. So far, their strategy has been to race for the machine when they see the other one coming and vie for use of the copier. This strategy has proved counterproductive, leading to a lot of ill will between the two of them, slowing both of their productivity.

Enter Olivia and John’s manager, Naomi. Naomi has seen conflicts like this before, so she knows what it takes to patch work relationships and make compromises. Taking into account both parties’ needs and allowing them to talk it over with cool heads gets Olivia and John to calm down and find an equitable solution that works for everyone and possibly create a situation that improves workflow in other regards.

If you want a great Conflict Resolution course for your business or organization, “Thriving Through Conflict” can be a tremendous boon. Contact us about making a custom project today or find this course in the Bridge LMS!

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