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The other day I participated in a networking group and we helped other start-up companies brainstorm their businesses. One of the speakers shared ideas on branding. Branding is very important to a new company and I’d like to extend that to eLearning courses as well.

Branding a course is more than just putting a logo in the corner. It’s also more than just some pretty colors.

So, what should we think about when creating a brand for our training? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What should people “think” when they hear about your group/training?
  • What should users “feel” when they take your course?
  • What does your course visual style say?
  • What expectations do you want to create?
  • What “style” of audience do you have?

Branding is your overall presence. It is you.

Here are a few companies to think about:

  • Google (what do you think about when you hear the name? What have you heard about their “style and brand”?)
  • Apple (would you recognize one of their products in a line up with others? What would you expect from Apple?)

If you took some online training from Apple, what would you expect that training to be like? Probably simple colors, sleek design, cool, informal, and very user-friendly. Everything they do should be inline with their public brand.

Here are a few features/parts of your course to consider when branding your training:

  • tone of text
  • color pallet
  • pre-work / post-work
  • availability of contacting a real person
  • use of job aids and resources
  • style of visuals (simple, technical, corporate, cartoon)
  • testing (present or not, certification programs, how data is used)
  • mandatory vs optional
  • use of text, font, and formatting

Here are some more ideas for branding your training.

What else should we be looking at and considering?

Check out cutout people pictures and eLearning interactions.

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