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Lectora template

Bottom Bar Viewer is now part of our Free Library!

This template is great for introductions and galleries. When clicked, each image in the bottom bar brings up a larger picture and a short description. These galleries can consist of just about anything or anyone.


With our cutout people as characters in your eLearning scenario, try using this template as an introduction to each person’s characteristics and attributes, and how that might influence the scenario.


You could also use real people in place of our cutouts. One common use of Bottom Bar Viewer is to introduce new employees to key individuals. By replacing our cutouts with pictures of important people in your business, you can create a dynamic interaction which quickly acquaints new hires with who’s who and who does what.bbvkate

You could even use objects, animals, or places instead of people. Use this template to quickly explain several quick concepts, changing graphics, backgrounds and bios with each click.

What will you use this Lectora template for? Share it with us in the comments.

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