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Boom—We Rocked DevLearn DemoFest!_Blog

We’ve talked a ton about how awesome DevLearn was this year, but there’s one thing we haven’t gotten a chance to really share. At DemoFest, we were so honored to stand alongside our longtime client Janiece Ziegler of Ally Financial and receive the award for Best Sales Solution Non-Vender!

Richard Vass, eLearning Brothers and Janiece Ziegler of Ally Financial at DevLearn 2018 DemoFest, accepting an award

Ally Financial created a video to be used as part of an employee engagement initiative as well as with recruiting, new hire training, on-going employee development, and employee reference. Janiece explained that “We found many new and experienced Ally team members don’t understand the Auto Dealer business, how Ally’s products and services support that business, and how their individual contributions are key to success for both Ally and our customers. There’s also this challenge: There’s nothing inherently interesting about a laundry list of features and programs. So how could Ally get the message out, while also making it engaging?”

Screenshot of the Ally Financial course from DevLearn DemoFest

The main video highlights the life of a vehicle and illustrates how Ally products and services along with Ally teams support the dealership and customers throughout that life cycle. It follows the story of a snazzy red convertible named “Little Red.”

Screenshot of the Ally Financial course from DevLearn DemoFest

There are also 23 supplemental mini (1-2 minute) video snippets for various Ally departmental groups and the dealership being designed. The core video can be used at recruiting events, intern welcome meetings, and more. It’s quite a workhorse of a video!

Screenshot of the Ally Financial course from DevLearn DemoFest

The supplemental videos can be individually distributed through email by executives and the core and supplemental videos will be packaged as an on-demand module with a cool road-map launch page for new hire orientation. All the videos will also be available on Ally’s internal website as an on-demand resource.

We’ve worked together with Ally Financial on many eLearning and training projects over the years, helping them with content creation from scratch to quality assurance. It was great to support them at DemoFest and to see more of the Ally Financial team when they stopped by our booth on the expo floor.

A group of Ally Financial employees visiting the eLearning Brothers booth at DevLearn 2018


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