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Blurring Information in Camtasia

Making screencast videos sometimes feels like letting people into your personal space. This is because our computers are as personalized to us as our living rooms are. We make our workspaces comfortable and set things up to meet our specific needs.

Just like in our living rooms, we need to clean things up a little before letting a guest into our space. This means turning off some app notifications or changing desktop backgrounds. But sometimes we forget and will get a really great recording that accidentally includes the proverbial dirty sock on the floor.

I’m talking about the Skype notification that pops up in the corner of the screen, the tab we accidentally left open in the browser that has unwanted information on it, or client information you forgot would show on screen. And sometimes it just isn’t worth it to re-record a great session. Other times that information cannot be avoided, like passwords when showing how to access protected material.

Luckily, our friends at TechSmith have created a great tool in Camtasia that helps to cover up our sensitive information. It’s called blurring.

In the video below, I’ll show you two quick examples of blurring that I have found useful.

Let us know in the comments if you have used blurring for other reasons.

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