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As long as we humans continue to expand and develop our existing civilizations, we are going to need people on the front lines, growing and maintaining our infrastructure and creating the goods needed to expand our society. And as long as people need physical expertise, there will be a need for a reliable way to give people that expertise. While experience is the ultimate teacher, there is plenty of room for eLearning at the table.

Today we’re going to take a look at three Captivate templates in our library that demonstrate the value of hard work.

Industrial Shop

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.28.08 PM

About 9% of the US workforce finds employment in the manufacturing industry. There is, therefore, a large demand for training materials in that field. The above conversational scenario works brilliantly for warehouse and factory settings. This template sets up a back and forth between two workers (portrayed by cutout characters Kaden, left, and Kacy, right), shifting perspectives with a handful of backgrounds appropriate to the setting. The template comes preloaded with in a certain pattern, but you can mix and match to give this conversation any tone you like using different poses and expressions to suit your needs.

Gravel Pit

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.28.54 PM
Gravel, believe it or not, is an important tool in modern times as well as anciently. It’s used to pave roads, to create concrete, in some industrial processes, and even as a decorative ground cover in some places. Much like other minerals, gravel needs to be mined out of areas where it is in a concentrated deposit, illustrated by the gravel pit portrayed in this template. Cutout characters Eric (left) and Angela (right) discuss the day’s work above.

Server Room

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.30.00 PM

Beginner question: When you log onto the internet, where exactly are the files you’re viewing coming from? If you’re reading this you probably know that this depends on the website, but source files are usually contained on hard drives in big air conditioned rooms full of servers, AKA, a server room. The people who service these machines need to have a versatile skill set, ranging from mechanical prowess to knowledge of programming and the industry’s latest technology. For a conversational scenario depicting a server room, try the template above, starring cutout characters Aiden (left) and Pam (right).

If for whatever reason, the characters used in these scenarios don’t fit with what you’re going for, we also have a hundreds of poses from 26 different industrial-themed cutout characters, ready to drop into your next course.

Find these and other great templates in our Captivate library, and be sure to also check out our wide selection of cutout characters!

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