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In Blend Outside of the Box Part 1, I suggested blending recorded webinars or virtual classroom sessions along with printable worksheets into your learning mix.


Let’s take a look at some other outside of the box ideas you can mix and match to create blended learning awesomeness.  


Scenarios and Simulations

Scenarios and simulations have been a long time staple as engaging and effective eLearning interactions, and for good reason. Both give learners an opportunity to practice realistic workplace situations in a safe environment, then provide prescriptive feedback to transfer the experience to the job. These same scenarios can often be pulled out of a larger course and—with a little intro for context—be delivered as a stand-alone microlearning exercise as part of a larger blended learning curriculum.


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Before there was such a thing as a Podcast, trainers recorded audio-only learning modules on cassette tapes to hand or mail to learners. Instructional Designers these days; you don’t know how easy you got it! Go ahead and include a podcast link in your learning blend.



Of course, there’s a lot of video content out there to curate, but it’s also easy to make your own. If your organization’s leaders are agreeable, a quick video message from leadership on the importance of your learning program demonstrates organizational buy-in that adds weight to your course.


Learning Games or Activities

Online games and gamified interactions build engagement in both online and group classroom settings. Work them in whenever they make sense to support your learning objectives.

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Blogging or Journaling

Reflection is an important step in transferring learning into action. Private journaling works well for sensitive subjects. Consider blogging as a way to share with a larger group. You can even assign comments as a way to solicit feedback from peers.  


Hopefully, these tips have sparked some inspiration for your next blended learning project! Fans of eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware already know it comes with everything you need to blend up ILT and eLearning. If you haven’t taken a look at our Customizable Courseware, now is the perfect time to schedule a free demo. For a limited time in December, we’re giving away a FREE iPAD EVERY DAY to one lucky demo attendee! Schedule your demo now to enter to win.


Chris Willis is Senior Product Manager, Customizable Courseware at eLearning Brothers. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter for more great eLearning insights.

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