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Most people think of blended learning as mixing up eLearning with Instructor-Led Classroom Training (ILT)—and they’re not wrong. That’s why eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware comes ready to mix and match in both formats.

However, blending up learning experiences isn’t limited to course delivery. There exists a whole wide world of creative ideas for interacting with learners that you can blend into either your eLearning or classroom courses using supplemental links or email.


Here are three of my favorite ways to blend different types of learning:

Webinar or Virtual Classroom Recordings

When you can’t attend live training, the recording is the next best thing. Here at eLearning Brothers, we share our webinar recordings with our internal team and broader eLearning Brothers customer family. This helps keep everyone updated on our latest product developments and tips for getting the most out of the development tools we support.

Supplemental Reading

Don’t be afraid to assign reading to your learners. White papers, case studies, trade journals, and blog posts are all sources of valuable, expert information. Think of them all as informal “textbooks” for your learning courses. Those articles you get excited about sharing on social media or emailing to colleagues? Your learners would benefit from them, too.

Workbook or Worksheet

Today’s learners are multitaskers—so give them something besides their email to occupy them during your training. That’s why we include worksheet exercises in our Customizable Courseware ILT package. Popular formats include:

  •         Fill in the blank
  •         Draw-a-line matching
  •         Short answer  

And it’s a bonus if that worksheet morphs into a doodle pad. Studies show that doodling and sketchnoting improve learning focus and retention.


Those are my first three out of the box blended learning activities. I’ll cover a few more out of the box blended learning ideas next time.

What are your favorite out of the box learning examples? Leave them here in the comments, along with your blended learning questions or observations. I’ll use them as inspiration for future posts.


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