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Call center employees love their jobs. They are not bored nor do they think that their work is pointless. Creating a good working atmosphere is an important part of a supervisor’s function. Employees have to be prepared to work hard, be able to adapt to difficult and stressful situations and show initiative. They also have to remain calm and collected and not get discouraged by difficult customers. Needless to say, call centers maintain a fast pace and ever changing environment more often than not. So, how can we make training quick, fun and engaging? Attention spans are short. New technology continues to advance, introducing a digital skills gap costing the U.S. economy $1.3 trillion annually in lost productivity. What is the answer? Microlearning!

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the process of learning through short, easy to understand units. This type of training is perfect for a fast, dynamic work environment that needs employees to learn new information at a moment’s notice. Microlearning addresses the needs of learners that needs to retain information quickly while being engaged in the learning process. At our company, we use quick 1 to 3-minute eLearning modules or videos, to break down complex ideas and skills into simple learning topics. We call them Learning Bytes. Microlearning has helped us address short attention spans, rapid technology changes and training that can’t keep up the pace. Trainers enjoy microlearning because it reinforces key concepts.

Effective Communication Learning Byte

Screenshot from the Effective Communication Skills Learning Byte

Observed benefits

One key benefit to Microlearning has brought to our call center environment is the ability to train and learn without a heavy impact on employee productivity. “Microlearning is characterized by low time commitment, small chunks, short effort and narrow topics—but is complex as a whole.” (Hug & Friesen, Didactics of Microlearning, 2007) Businesses love the fact that Microlearning has helped them reduce training time and costs while their employees remain and improve productivity. Every year U.S. businesses spend over $160 billion on employee learning and training, classroom training is time-consuming and sometimes not as effective as it could be.


Screenshot from the Empathy Learning Byte

How is this possible?

Bite-sized eLearning content helps the learners access small chunks of information that are current and meaningful to their day to day job. It can be accessed instantly anytime from anywhere. Learners can stay at their desks and access our training library to review what’s new or just refresh their memory on a forgotten process. There is no need to walk into a classroom for training. It can be right at the agent’s desk.

Learners love it

Our Learning Bytes have been a complete success with the front line agents.

  • Bite-sized content enables learners to view and digest information quickly and just in time.


  • Microlearning concentrates on the key facts that are relevant to the learner
  • It is visual/interactive
  • Less than 5 minutes, to avoid mental burnout

Helps knowledge retention:

  • Microlearning can yield an average of 4-5 learned takeaways from a series of units
  • Diverse enough to cater to multiple learning styles

Easy to deploy to all learners

  • Convenient for learners to access at their schedules
  • Participants can guide themselves for their customized needs creating a unique journey to knowledge

It Simply Works

Keep it short and engaging. Shorter means:

  • More engagement
  • More progress completion
  • More knowledge retention
  • More application on the job

Microlearning has been shown to achieve higher rates of improvement in performance, value and return on investment. The bite-sized units can be designed and developed faster and with less manpower than traditional training.

MarieMarie Ferrer is the Senior Director of Training at Great Learning Works. Marie spearheaded innovative training programs in a variety of Call Center Environments. Marie’s expertise is providing training and motivation to companies within a high-paced environment. Her creative approaches to training changed the way virtual companies approach agent training. 

Great LearningWorks is an innovative leader in virtual learning and development in the workforce. They provide and develop a fully customizable training program to mirror any corporate culture and learning style. Their services include Instructional Design, Facilitation, Blended Learning programs and more.

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