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The world is headed into a digitally immersive age (if it isn’t already there). Ordering food, playing games, communicating, and even learning happens digitally and online. But this can create some serious concerns, especially in the training arena, when it comes to keeping people focused and committed to learning content. There are a lot of theories and tactics that can be implemented to aid the learning of your audience with tools such as creating SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant courses that can be tracked in various Learning Management Systems (LMS). There is also a very simple way to keep your learners from wandering off and clicking their way to the end as fast as possible. How? I’m glad you asked.

Cutout People:

Most people act differently when they know they are alone opposed to when they know someone is watching. The same theory applies to students in class or online. And the problem that cutout people fix is the lack of accountability during online courses or quizzes. Simply put, cutout people are character images with multiple poses, emotions, and props that are ready to be imported directly into your training courses and act as a virtual guide and teacher for your audience. When used correctly, meaning not too zealously but still frequently (once every 3-4 slides), your audience will pay greater attention to the content and try harder on quizzes knowing that they will have to come face to face with a cutout person playing the mentor.

eLearning Brothers has one of the largest (over 80,000 realistic images and thousands of cartoon cutouts) and most diverse collections of cutout people images in the world. We have tons of industries for you to choose from and build scenarios around. And if you don’t find what you are looking for instantly, don’t worry, we are always adding to the library. Each of our cutout images comes with a transparent background and multiple size options.

And inserting a cutout person into your project/presentation/training is so easy. You just drag and drop the image(s) onto the slide of your choosing. Because every file is a .png the area around the cutout image is completely transparent, literally allowing you to create any scenario or interaction you want.

The are numerous ways you can implement cutout people into your course in order to create effective training. So sign up for a free account and download over 50 free cutout people images!

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