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When it comes to human beings, one should never “judge a book by it’s cover.” But eLearning courses, being non-sentient, won’t get the same courtesy from your learners. When it comes to multimedia projects of this type, looks can be a very real indicator of quality and tone. Though the writing and actual content are the reason learners are taking the course, the design sets the mood and puts the learner in a headspace that is appropriate for absorbing the material.

With a few hundred assets available to you in our Captivate library alone, you’re bound to find something that makes the statement you want to make with your course, so today we’ll take a look at some captivate classics that really shine.



Taking design cues from the world of print, Peg looks like what you might see when you hold a magnifying glass over the front page image on a newspaper: a grid of dots, arranged in such a way that suggests colors and shades to the eye using a limited range of inks. In this template, The arrangement of the black dots—along with their size and the tightness of their grouping—meshes with the off-white background in a way that tricks the brain into thinking it’s seeing a different shade of the background color. This template is great for giving your course a retro feel, or even just a course discussing printing or typography.



Using the twilit visage of a sprawling city and concentric transparent rectangles, the Diamond theme, creates a cityscape that is at once breathtaking and full of possibilities. The haze created by playing with the opacity of the center boxes ever-so-slightly fogs up the beautiful view of the city, which a) allows the learner to focus more fully on the textual elements of the course and b) makes a subliminal suggestion to the learner that they have a need to clear up this glorious landscape, thus calling the learner to action. Use this template when you want your learners to feel creative and inspired.



Dreamsicle is a perfect balance of a soft, champagne-like color scheme paired with the sharp, chiseled angles of beveled marble. Note the pairing of silver and brass, as well as the bubbles that dot it’s surface, creating a dreamlike quality to the template. Try using Dreamsicle to bring a sense of class and celebration to the course.

To find these and other great templates for Adobe Captivate, check out our Captivate Library today!

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