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Crunched for time? It happens! Using these new Captivate Style Templates, you can still produce a great eLearning course even when you’re under a tight deadline. eLearning Brothers Templates include everything you need to quickly create a course—knowledge checks, different layouts, interactions, and more. Plus, each Template Style has its own cohesive branding so your course looks unified, no matter which layouts you use.


We’re constantly adding new resources to our Template Library so you never run out of options. Our most recent addition to the Captivate Template Library is Jet Black, a crisp and classy corporate template. It’s like the little black dress, or a sharp suit and tie outfit, of the eLearning world.


jet black captivate examples

Jet Black. So many options, so little time


On the opposite side of the spectrum, is the wild child of our recent Template Styles collection release: 80s Neon. It’s bright, it’s bold, it wakes your learner up.


80s neon captivate templates

80s Neon. Go bold or go home.


The great thing about these templates is they are so customizable. We give you all the source files, so you can make whatever changes you want. Like the clean lines of Jet Black but want a little more color? You can do that! Want to add your own logo? You can do that too! You can change any of the text, the cutout characters, whatever you need to make these courses work for your organization. And then you can proudly present the (very quickly) finished product to your boss because you’re an eLearning Rockstar!


These Styles are exclusive to the eLearning Brothers Captivate Template Library. Download them—and more—from our library today!


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