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We’re always looking for ways to improve our eLearning content. I came across a post on eLearningWeekly about “5 Ways to Improve Bad eLearning” that I wanted to share.

Here are his main points and my comments on how to improve bad eLearning:

1. Open up the Navigation
I like the idea of letting the users control their own navigation. There are many times when we should just let the learner get what they want and get out. Do they really need to view every slide?

2. Reduce Content
I like his phrase, “Early elearning suffered from project scope creep and from SMEs who were creeps.” As an instructional designer I try to keep the content short and sweet. Then…the SMEs want to review it…then they want to add “once in a blue moon” content. Fight to keep the course “lean and mean”! (Related article on How the Brain Remembers eLearning)

3. Start on Screen One
Let’s not make the learner go through a bunch of intro and help screens…let’s get down to business and start learning.

4. Layer Chunks
Basically with some smart design and thought you can combine multiple pages into one. This allows the learner to more quickly access the content and not have to advance through tons of pages. There are various eLearning interactions and activities that can help you present information.

5. Repaint
Give your course a “make over”. Make your eLearning fresh and hip. (Related article: Make your eLearning Look Good)

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