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eLearning Back to School

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It’s back-to-school time across most of the United States. As students get excited about new pencil boxes, fresh sets of crayons, and all the homework that awaits (okay, not really), eLearning designers can apply a few back-to-school lessons to their approach.

Don’t recreate the wheel

Unless they’re teaching a new grade, or a new subject, teachers generally don’t recreate the wheel every year. They don’t rewrite every lesson plan. Instead, they look at what they’ve done before, evaluate what worked and what didn’t, make some revisions, and then they focus on providing the best learning experience they can.

In the same way, eLearning designers can use eLearning templates to minimize the amount of unnecessary repetitive work, and focus on the learning instead. Rather than designing elements on your own, use our templates as the foundation for your courses. Let your creative juices work their magic as you update the content based on what your specific learners need.

Embrace structure

Teachers spend the first few weeks of school teaching their students about classroom expectations. For younger grades, this might involve using “an indoor voice” or remembering to hang up one’s coat after recess. High school teachers spend time reminding students about expectations for when and how to submit their homework if they want to pass the class. Regardless of the age group, teachers establish structure in order to create a productive learning experience.

When using templates, eLearning designers provide that same type of order. A template provides structure for the look and feel of a course, as well as the design, and overall functionality. Learners who are familiar with the course structure you use are better able to focus on the content they need to learn.

Partner with your peers

Teachers don’t work in a vacuum, and neither should eLearning designers. Teachers regularly partner with other teachers to gain insights or share workload. The same approach works for eLearning. The templates we offer at eLearning Brothers are created by a team of eLearning pros who bounce ideas back and forth in order to deliver templates that our customers love.  Even if you’re a solo designer, you can benefit from the teamwork and collaboration that goes into the creation of our eLearning templates.

This September, take a moment to sharpen your #2 Pencil, download some new eLearning Templates, and bring some of that back-to-school excitement to the content you create for the year ahead.

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