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3 Awesome Skeuomorphic Lectora Templates

Last summer, we put out a blog about the hot trends taking over the design world. One interesting trend from that list was skeuomorphism: the practice of adorning an object with ornamental designs that are not physically necessary, but hearken back to earlier forms of the same technology, when such designs were necessary to the function of the object. One example might be the volume slider you often see attached to an online video. It isn’t vital today that a digital volume adjuster take the form of a slider, but not too long ago, a mechanical volume adjuster quite often used a real physical slider.


Plumbing the depths of our Lectora template library, we came up with a handful of skeuomorphic templates that we can’t wait to share.

Vintage Radio

PowerPoint Scenario Branching Vintage Radio

Straight out of the golden age of radio, this 1930s-style home radio set comes at you in all its wood-paneled glory. This scenario template displays questions and multiple choice answers on the face of a Vintage Radio. A unique feature of this template is its remediation mechanism. Depending on a learners answer, the radio’s frequency dial will light up a certain color and dial to a specific frequency. Incorrect answers glow red as the indicator slides to far left of the dial, while correct answers move to the far right with a green glow. In the event that a question has 3 possible answers and the learner chooses one that is technically correct but not the best answer, the dial moves to the center with a yellow glow.



This simple Slider template is essentially a tabbed interaction, splitting up multiple screen’s worth of content into a handful of pages that learners can toggle to from within the same module.  As a learner clicks one of the numbers shown at the bottom of the image, the pointed blue slider will slip into that position and show learners the info on that page.

Text Message


Alas, a skeuomorph from the modern era! Our Text Message template presents a scenario many people of our time have dealt with: a sensitive text conversation. The person on the other end of the convo is making statements and questions that you need to reply to with grace and aplomb. From the options presented, learners need to steer the conversation to the most productive, desirable outcome.

You can find these and many other great Lectora templates in our Lectora template library! Download today!

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