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We just launched some awesome new Flash Quizzes and Interactions. Check out these new templates:

Flash Quizzes:

The Quiz Pack now contains 27 templates. In addition to the Simple Game Templates we have always offered, we have added some Definition, Drag and Drop, Flash Card, and Likert Scale Templates. The Quiz Pack also comes with an Asset Package that includes different themes, backgrounds, buttons, and a SCORM package.

Flash Interactions:

We combined our Flash Interaction Packs 1 & 2 and added several new Interactions, to make one super cool pack. The updated Flash Interaction pack now contains 48 templates in the following categories: Glossary, Ladder, Pyramid, Square Tab, Stairs, Tab, Target, Timeline, and Tour. The Flash Interaction Pack also comes with the Asset Package.

All of our Flash Quizzes and Interactions come with both AS2 and AS3 files. You need Adobe Flash CS3 or newer to edit the templates.

We also have Tutorials available to assist you with using all of our templates!


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