Today, we’re going to take a brief look at how to edit our Starter Storyline Quiz file.

This is a multi-slide file. We’ve provided an intro screen, True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Multiple Select, and Results slides. All cleanly styled to fit the Jet Black family and ready for your projects.

There’s nothing too involved in this file to note, development-wise. We’ve used all standard Storyline shapes and text boxes for content and graphics and the quiz itself uses SL’s built-in quizzing features. That means ease of use. No custom variables to worry about for scoring, and a simple editing via the form view.

If you want to change which answers are correct or incorrect, rapidly adjust feedback, and affect scoring, shuffling and the like, you can use SL’s built in form view to take care of most of your changes in one whack.

Change graphics by right-clicking and pressing change picture. The clipboard graphic on the results slide is fully editable. Select to change color, stroke, style.

If you’d like to use the quiz as-is, but reduce the number of questions that display, edit the QuestionNum_ variable in the variables pane.