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We’ve been doing a lot of work on Articulate Storyline Templates recently. All of our templates can be found in our eLearning Template Library. We launch new templates every other week and subscribers automatically get access. Here are some of the things that we’ve been building and are currently working on:


Our first game built in Storyline is called GameShow. The entire game (graphics, triggers, layers, etc) is built in Storyline making it easy to edit and customize. The game can be loaded into the Template Library within Storyline and then inserted directly into your course. Then just edit the question text on the layers and you’re done. Here’s the great news…this is only the first of MANY that we’re currently building. We have lots more coming! View Storyline Game



There are times when you need to add tab, bar, slider, and stair interactions to your course. We’ve pre-built a bunch and saved them as templates. View Storyline Templates



We have scenarios with various choices and “paths” pre-built. We also included characters with many states (emotions/poses). There are many different scenarios to choose from and you can easily add-to our files. View Storyline Templates



Are you looking for a large selection of characters to use in Storyline? We have lots of character sets that we built in Storyline and created the states for you. Just load them directly into Storyline. Throughout your course you can just use triggers to show different poses. Both full body and cropped images are available. View Storyline Characters



Browse our slide layouts to find creative ways to present your course content. We created 100+ layouts in Storyline using master slides and content placeholders. View Storyline Layouts


Video Tutorials

We’ve created video tutorials to help you get started with all of our Storyline templates. Videos explain how to load and use the templates. There are also videos on changing colors and ways to creatively use the templates. View Storyline Tutorials


Purchasing the Templates

You can have unlimited to all of these Storyline Templates with our $299 annual subscription. (You also get access to every other template that we offer.) As we add more templates each month you automatically get access to those also! Learn more about the Template Library.


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