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Articulate Storyline 2

Sometimes we get asked by Storyline users just how many templates we have in our extensive library. To them we say, “We have nearly 200 Articulate Storyline 2 templates alone, why do you ask?”
“Oh, no reason. Just curious about you guys.”

“Pleasure meeting you.”


Articulate Storyline is one of the most widely used authoring tools in the industry. Praised for its ease of use, Storyline is incredibly intuitive. Given a little time, a beginner could easily teach themselves the basics of the program through simple trial and error and minimal instruction. This intuitiveness is a major draw to Storyline, it’s mostly drag-and-drop interface allows you to design without having to get neck-deep in code. You don’t have to learn six programming languages and the intricacies of quantum mechanics to make a simple course (unless that’s what the course is actually about, and even then, that’s your SME’s job).

We thought it would be awesome to make the designing process even easier. Through the efforts of our best eggheads, we have devised a vast array of templates that take all guesswork out of designing. Feeling pampered yet? All you need now is someone to feed you grapes and fan you with palm leaves while you type, and you’re well on your way to becoming a Roman emperor.

Here’s one of our favorites.

Comic makes use of vibrant pop art colors that evoke the long summer days spent lounging in your childhood tree-house, poring over a fresh stack of comic books, embarking on your own private adventure. The cartoon-like visuals are a major nostalgia trip. With a plethora of uniquely styled slides and interactions, your biggest problem will be brainstorming enough material to use all this template has to offer.

cover page interaction
text page 1 text page 2


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