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Articulate Quizmaker

Did you know that we also have templates for Articulate Quizmaker? Gamification becomes very simple with ready-made, customizable templates that fit the tone and aesthetic of your course. With intuitive designs and plenty of room for expansion, these simple templates make for great centerpieces or starting points for kick-starting the creative process and helping you churn out good-looking courses that get the job done.

Shoot Out


For soccer-loving learners world-wide, this quiz template is a welcome retreat to the fútbol pitch. Each correct answer sends a soccer ball past a goalie. And with a variety of different motions for the ball and the goalie, learners won’t get bored from each shot looking exactly the same.

Explorer Challenge/World Race


world race

These templates both have a similar concept. Respectively, they display a map of a fictional island and a map of the earth. Each correct answer sends the game-piece to the next point specified on the map, until the learner has made a complete circuit along the trail. These templates are great for charting progress, as the trail is fully marked, and when a certain stretch of road has been traveled, it will be highlighted in yellow to help learners keep their bearings.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop

This interaction is quite straightforward. Perfect for matching questions, learners simply drag an answer to the corresponding question. With the ability to customize the individual elements, this basic template can be as simple or elaborate as your course demands.

Text entry

text entry

Like Drag and Drop, this is an other essentials-only template. A question is asked, the learner enters the correct answer and away we go. It is also customizable to fit your needs, whether it be minor tweaks or major changes.

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