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eLearning Resolutions

It’s a new year is already upon us. Like most eLearning gurus, you probably have made a few eLearning resolutions. Some will keep or may not keep up on their eLearning resolutions. Research has shown that you are more likely to keep your resolutions if you are realistic and specific. While most of us can see the application of this logic when applied to weight loss, or our finances, it might be less clear when trying to apply this to eLearning.

As an eLearning professional, whether or not you are a Developer, Trainer, Project Manager, or Instructional Designer, in order to grow it is essential that you take the time to define what you want to achieve. Then, take that goal and make it more specific. Most important is keeping your eLearning resolutions (or keeping it realistic). And, what better time to do this than now to make sure you stay up on your eLearning resolutions. If you haven’t started, take a few minutes and hammer out your resolutions and resolve to do better.

So let’s generate some realistic and specific goals that can help you achieve eLearning greatness in 2014. Here are five examples to get your started:

1. Get Organized!

This is very realistic, but let’s get more specific:

a. Organize my photo library OR forget the clutter and subscribe to a stock photo library.

b. Find all my templates and organize them into a central location for my team to access.

2. Get Consistent!

Again, a great resolution and essential for training, but it’s not too specific. Let’s change that to:

a. I am going to take all of our (fill in the blank) related courses and reevaluate them to see if they match the brand we have been trying to build.

i. Are they instructionally consistent?

ii. Are they graphically consistent?

3. Take Stock of What You Have!

How can this resolution be made more achievable?

a. Reevaluate all the (fill in the blank) training we have currently available and look for redundant material as well as, learning that is missing or not available.

4. Learn More About the Industry!

Aha! Another resolution that can make a huge impact to you professionally, but again, it is broad. A more specific goal might be:

a. Attend at least one major eLearning conference this year, (such as DevLearn).

b. Block out on my calendar 30 minutes a week to read an eLearning blog, (such as the amazing posts on here).

c. Join a community of like minded professionals, (such as the eLearning Guild or ASTD).

5. Take eLearning/mLearning to the Next Level!

Wow, that sounds exciting. But what exactly is “the next level” for your organization? Consider refining that statement to read:

a. Talk to our custom eLearning development team about making my online courses more compatible for mobile or the iPad for my next course.

b. Join the eLearning Brothers family and get a full eLearning template library subscription and commit to developing one exciting game to at least 10 of my existing courses.

Resolutions can be difficult to keep up on. Just do it! You can increase your chances of eLearning Awesomeness in 2014 by keeping up on your goals and staying realistic and specific. So let us know, what are your eLearning resolutions for 2014? What do you want to achieve, why do you want to achieve it, and how are you going to make it happen?

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