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Email is an important aspect of modern life. Personal correspondence, social media logins, receipts, business: the applications are extremely far-reaching. But, like any tool, email should be used wisely. Along with the important stuff, there’s also a vast mountain of worthlessness crammed in most people’s inboxes. Spam, chain letters, e-vites to your friend’s crummy one-man show, urgent messages from deposed foreign royalty who will totally give you lots of money in exchange for your Social Security number: these are all things we could do without.

Though many junk emails can be quite blatant, it’s not always easy to tell the difference, and that’s where our new Lectora interaction, Email Approval, comes into play.

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In the left sidebar of this interaction is a sample inbox, filled with 5 emails for your perusal.  You will need to click on each one to see what they have to say. If you find that an email is worth your time, just click “Approve It”

Screenshot 2016-03-28 15.36.44

If, however, the email in question seems a bit dodgy click “Reject It”

Screenshot 2016-03-28 16.03.49

In the end you’ll receive your results and an evaluation of your choices.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 16.04.21

While the theme of this interaction template is focused on email, you could apply the idea of approval and rejection to a myriad of topics. Every job and occupation requires some level of discernment. It never hurts to have the ability to sort through a pile of things–whether that be emails, documents, proposals, or even just a pile of food–and decide which things are of worth, and which things are not.

For instance, with a few tweaks, you might make this template into something about health and nutrition. Instead of emails, turn each tab into a different food or activity (salmon, quinoa, donuts, TV, jogging). Give your stamp of approval or rejection for each, and learn more about healthy choices.

You could also make a quiz out of this template. Instead of simple interaction, you might think of it as a test of skills and knowledge obtained throughout the course.

How would you use this interaction template to separate the wheat from the chaff? Download it today and let us know how you utilized it in the comments!

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