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animal cutouts

Once in a while, an idea so revolutionary comes along that it dwarfs all other ideas. As soon as it leaves the lips of the person who whispers it, it hangs in the air as though it were beyond the laws of this world. All in the room bask in it’s near perfection, and all who witnessed the phenomenon know that their life will be changed for ever.

Such an event happened at eLearning Brothers, and we are beyond excited to give you a sneak peek of the very near future. Behold: Animal Cutouts!

It isn’t much of a mystery that baby felines dominate the internet. You likely can’t spend five minutes near a computer without getting inundated with hours of cat and Dachshund pictures, videos, or GIFs. In order to properly gussy up your eLearning and bring it in line with all of the other competing forms of online media, you will need ridiculously cute critters for your course.


cat pointing up

First up, we have Mittens—a young, curious kitten with a penchant for presenting. In her first pose, she is raising her cute little paw, pointing upward. Practical applications for this pose really include anything, but are not limited to the following:

  • Pointing to a graphic or video
  • Politely indicating that she has a question
  • Gesturing toward a set of ideas laid out in bullet points

cat pointing mid

Mittens has many poses that can be used in the same vein. Mittens means business. And in business-oriented eLearning, Mittens will point things out for you. Your “aLearning” will never be the same once she on the scene.


dog with sign 1

Sometimes, you need something to help you with important messages that need to be communicated throughout your slides or training presentations. In the first image, Frank is literally on top of it. Your message is combined with his world-class doggy balance to hold the sign in landscape orientation with his left front paw gesturing to the left. This small—but “stretched out”—collection of images is a great backdrop for drawing attention to the most important issues in your course.

dog with sign 2

In the second image, we really see what a good boy Frank is as he sits on his haunches, nobly holding his sign in a portrait orientation so that you can present a set of ideas that can run a little longer. You can use either of these illustrious animal images for the following topics:

  • The 10 puppy commandments of hard hat safety
  • Dachshund CCNR’s
  • Common stretchy dog HR complaints

Let your imagination blow up with the myriad ways that you can use these super-realistic and useful graphics.


fish correct

Finally, we have fresh little fish named Fynn, nearly the most dynamic animal one could hope for. As a master communicator, Fynn prefers to deal in absolutes, making him perfect for feedback slides. When you need to indicate correctness, it is definitely better to show Fynn’s first picture (shown above). When you need to send a message that your learner missed the mark, or you need to make it clear that they have left the beaten path, Fynn has the perfect pose to demonstrate his disappointment (shown below).

fish incorrect

eLearning Brothers is going “all in” with these amazing animal cutouts. Over the next few days, we will be phasing out all human cutout images and replacing them with animals from every continent and job description. Even now, we are working side-by-side with leading geneticists to bring back lost populations of the dodo, the mammoth, and the snipe so that you can enjoy these animals in your eLearning courses. We have also become aware of an organization working hard to extract raptor DNA from tree sap. We’ve sent a camera crew to their island, and we’ll have behind the scenes footage hopefully in the upcoming months.

We hope you are as excited about this change of direction as we are. We really feel like this is a new breed of cutout that will take your eLearning to places you’d never imagined. If you have any concerns please feel free to email us at gotcha@elearningbrothers.com. In the meantime, you can download this preview of our Animal Cutout Library here.

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