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eLearning Brothers Kart Racing
This year, eLearning Brothers was invited to participate in the Miller Motorsports Park Kart Racing Invitational. The 4-man relay race was hosted by corporate alliance and, as always, proved to be a fantastic time. If you are new to kart racing, as was every member of our team, it works a little something like this.
The first driver hops in a 50+ mph go-kart and takes off down the pit lane. After completing as many hair-pin corners, 100-yard straightaways, and Crazy Ivan S-turns as they can handle, the flagger waves the signal to change drivers. Hopefully, this pit stop doesn’t take too long. A new driver gets behind the wheel, and the whole thing starts again. There are also 18 other teams on the track, all with a wide variety of skills and commitment level.
The video really says it all. The good news is that we’re a lot better at making awesome eLearning than we are racing karts.
Just remember, if you ain’t tradin’ paint, you just ain’t drivin’ hard enuf.

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