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Ain't No Party Like an eLearning Brothers Holiday Party

Yesterday, all the eLearning Brothers boys and girls nestled themselves in the home office to celebrate the Holiday Season. The excitement was palpable! Look at that excitement:

Happy Party Poers

A couple of eLearning Brothers enjoying the festivities!

We spent some time recounting where the year has taken us—including embarrassing stories and pictures thrown up at random throughout the presentation—and looking ahead to the year before us.

We consider ourselves a family here at eLearning Brothers, and you know what families do during the holidays…POTLUCK! Everyone brought something to delight each other and we fueled up for the most intense part of all: The eLearning Brothers 2nd Annual Foosball Tournament.

Emotions ran high, my friends. Things were shouted, dreams were dashed, champions were made. The victor of the entire competition was Dangerous Dan Dellenbach, narrowly beating out Ivan “The Big Knee” Bigney.  Ivan, when he was asked, said, “What can I say? It’s hard to perform in a hobby when you take your job so seriously. I gotta give it to Double D, he takes his hobby pretty seriously.”

Double D, as he’s affectionately known around the office, said this today about his victory, “I won a shake weight at the white elephant exchange, which really contributed to my endurance and forearm power in the final few games.” If you want to see how it played out and you have four hours to dedicate to this task, feel free to click this link. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t have that much free time to devote to such a joyous task.

Foosball Game

People gathered around to watch an intense game in the foosball tournament.

With one more year coming to an end, it was great to see everyone come together and just enjoy each other’s company. We all play different roles and contribute to eLearning Brothers in many ways, but in the end, if you don’t enjoy the people you’re around, why be there? At eLearning Brothers, we’re lucky to have some of the very best people all in one place and who doesn’t want to celebrate with that caliber of a group? We sure did!

Enjoy these pictures of the festivities, and please enjoy the holiday season and your own celebrations, too!

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