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Storyline Interactions

Articulate Storyline is a versatile program that affords skilled developers with a myriad of options when building a course. Lucky for those developers, the eLearning Brothers Template Library has many beautiful pre-assembled templates that save them loads of time and energy. Many of those templates involve interactions: simple user interface mechanisms that allow the learner view and manipulate what they see on screen. So we’ve decided to outline a few examples of popular Storyline interactions and give some examples of how they might be used.

Drag and Drop

tent dragger

A drag and drop interaction requires the learner to move an object from one point to another. Usually, this is done to sort information into specific categories or match a term to its definition. In the outdoors-themed template above, the learner drags a tent “dragger” to its corresponding text box. A course developer might label each “dragger”with a specific term and match it with a description in a textbox beneath it.



Each of the highlighted cursors in the image above represent an object that can be clicked by the learner. Clicking these hotspots can trigger any effect the developer can code for. Perhaps you want a click to reveal a text box, cause a change in the image, or play audio. Hotspots are an easy way to do all of those things and more.

Tabbed Interactions


Tabs are a handy navigation tool for when you have multiple pages of information to share with the learner. As each tab in the picture above is clicked, it brings up the corresponding slide of information. Organize each slide into a general thought or idea and title tab and slide accordingly.

You can find more of our lovely Storyline interaction templates here.

Do you have any Storyline best practices when it comes to using interactions? Share the love in the comments section!

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