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Adobe Connect Games

We just launched our newest product… Adobe Connect games!

Adobe Connect Games allows training participants take assessment games, while the host is apprised of real-time scores in the Presenter Panel. Now during each session every participant can enjoy independent game play while the host adds comments, encouragement, or mockery to stoke competitive fires!   It’s a great way to wrap up a class and see what your participants have learned, or change up the pace of training before another major segment.

Here are some benefits you get with Adobe Connect Games:

  • Unique solution to engage your participants
  • Real-time scores of all participants
  • A growing library of new games
  • No more boring manual report of scores
  • Personal Set-up Assistance (if needed)
  • Increased learner participation

Our developers are making new games constantly so you get a growing library of games! Any host or virtual trainer can subscribe to a library of Adobe Connect Games to enhance their live online training content that is fun and exciting.

How Adobe Connect Games Work

Here is how it works. A trainer can load the Adobe Connect game directly into the virtual classroom during a session to all participants, then track their individual real-time score, and store all participant scores in the game. This is through a tracking file that shows the scores of games in real-time for Hosts and Presenters in the Presenter Only Area (POA).  A custom tracking pod will call out to the Connect server to access the report on COURSES>BY USER and pull that tracking data (from our games) right into your virtual classroom.

Requirements of Adobe Connect Games: 

Unfortunately, standard Meeting Rooms are not capable of tracking assessment scores. You must use the virtual classroom option for the tracking and scoring of testing students.

Get Started

Note: This is a new production subscription and is not included in the paid eLearning Template Library.


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