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2016 is nearing its inevitable end, and as it does, we here at eLearning Brothers look toward the future. As such, we’ve added a new theme to our Adobe Captivate library of templates.

The theme in question—called “New Stone”—wonderfully utilizes vibrant colors against deep charcoal grays, giving the templates a uniquely modern if not futuristic appearance.

Ask an Expert


New Stone’s Ask an Expert template expands upon the usual format for similar templates. Normally, “ask an expert” templates will show a handful of characters with their name and position, and a click will reveal a short bio of that person or a word of advice that they are uniquely qualified to give.


However, this one goes a step further, allowing the learner to ask multiple questions of each character.


Branching Scenario


Though you can change the details to suit your own purposes, this branching conversational scenario comes preloaded with a harassment prevention scenario, allowing the learner to navigate a pleasant workplace conversation without taking any inappropriate paths.


Learners are asked to choose from a series of responses to ensure that the relationship between characters Alex and Marisa remains on a professional footing.


Discovery Knowledge Check


The Discovery Knowledge Check allows you to give your learners a short quiz—in style. Using the same aesthetic as the other New Stone templates, Discovery includes the added element of a jagged 3D contour map, depicting dozens of sharp peaks jutting out of grid-lined plane.


Learners begin by selecting one of the several blue dots on the home screen, each linked to it’s own true/false question. The interaction is complete when the learner has answered all 7 questions.


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