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Adobe Captivate 8 Templates

If you didn’t already hear the buzz, Adobe Captivate 8 is out! And… guest what? We carry Adobe Captivate 8 templates! We added several templates to our huge library, and we are adding more all the time. If you are an eLearning Template Library member already, you’ll see our Captivate templates being converted to be Captivate 8 compatible. Another feature you’ll see in the Library is we have responsive Captivate templates. Meaning you can use these templates to work in desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. We are so excited about this awesome Captivate update.

Want to know more about the update? Read our post about What’s New with Adobe Captivate 8. (More to come about responsive templates. Stay tuned!)

Check out our video announcing our Captivate 8 Templates! 

As you can see in the video, we are excited about this update. If anyone asks, we did stay up late making awesome Adobe Captivate 8 templates.

Featuring Adobe Captivate 8 Templates

Here is a general overview of the Adobe Captivate 8 templates. First of all, these templates are fully responsive. Just think, every course that you create is resizable to any device dimension. This is a big feature of these new templates. Here some other features that will make you love these new templates:

• Responsive design: Primary, Tablet, Phone (Captivate 8 only)
• Cascading Styles
• Number of questions (6-12)
• Simple to use and easy to modify
• Flash and HTML5 output
• SCORM compliant

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