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A popular graphics effect used today is adding a reflection to a logo/graphic. This technique adds some depth to the image and ultimately, makes it more engaging. There are multiple techniques to create this…here is one way using Adobe Photoshop.
Step 1
Make a copy of the object that you want to add a reflection of.
– In the Layers Palette select, drag and drop the layer on the “create a new layer” icon.
Step 2
Flip the new object vertically.
– At the top of the screen select Edit, Transform, and then Flip Vertical.
– After it has been flipped, reposition the object to be directly under the original.
Step 3
Turn the opacity down on the new object
– In the Layers Palette, click the drop-down to slide the opacity down. I like to take it down to about 10% on a white background.
Step 4
Soften and fade out the bottom edge of the object.
– In the Layers Palette click the “Add Layer Mask” icon.
– From the Tools Palette select a feathered “brush tool” and paint (black) in the areas that you want to be faded.
Step 5
Transform the object to show better perspective.
– At the top of the screen select Edit, Free Transform.
– Slightly transform the bottom of the object upward (maybe about 1/4).
Thats it! Hope this helps.
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