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Add Some Character To Your Course With New Illustrated Cutout People

It’s getting crowded in our Cutout People Library! We just added a ton of new illustrated cutout people in different industries and ethnicities.  If you’re new to using cutout people in your courses, check out the tips below—and get a peek at some of our newest illustrated characters.

Tips for Using Cutout People

1.  Be sure to vary the expression and pose. The learner will quickly stop noticing your character if you use the same image over and over again. Take a look at Daisy, for example. Her glasses are stylin’ but I would be a pretty depressed learner if she frowned at me like that for a whole course!
illustrated cutout woman frowning stern

Luckily, we offer full sets for each character in our library so you’re sure to find an expression or pose that works. Here’s Daisy smiling. I feel better already!

illustrated cutout woman smiling

2.  Build a backstory for your character. This doesn’t have to be part of the actual course content, but having a distinct personality in mind for your character as you develop will help you create more realistic scenarios and reactions for your character. If I were creating a backstory for Aiden, below, I’d describe him as a friendly, hard working nurse whose favorite snack is fruit roll-ups. Don’t you feel like you know him already?

illustrated cutout nurse happy

3.  Choose a character that fits your learner demographics and workplace formality. For example, if you’re creating training for construction workers, a character wearing a business suit probably won’t resonate.

illustrated cutout construction worker

Look how disappointed Leeroy is at the thought of taking construction site safety training featuring characters in business suits. You don’t want to disappoint Leeroy, do you?

Our Cutout People Library is full of different ages, professions, and ethnicities. We’ll even work with you on a Custom Cutout People shoot using your own uniforms or specific props to help you go above and beyond with your course.

4.  Reuse your chosen characters in other materials. You could create job aids and performance support resources to go along with your eLearning course, or use your characters in internal marketing pieces for your course.

Take a look at our newest illustrated cutout people to see all the new faces. A full Cutout People Subscription gives you access to over 100,000 images to choose from and a ton of industries and ethnicities!  Each of our cutout images comes with a transparent background and multiple size options. Drag and drop them into your eLearning, resize or crop as needed, and you’re done! What are you waiting for? Start adding character to your eLearning today.


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