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When you hear the word “Recipe,” what is the first thing that pops into your mind? For some, it is the final product (or deliciousness) created from the recipe. For others, it is the list of ingredients
necessary to complete the recipe (do I have all the ingredients?). And for others, they think about timing (do I have enough time to create this awesome treat/meal?).

When I think about the recipe for an awesome eLearning course, I think of these questions for eLearning Project Management:

  • Timing – What is the due date for the project? Can I pull it all together in time?
  • Ingredients – What resources do I need for the project? Do I have all the team members available: Instructional Designer, Developer, Graphic Designer, Quality Assurance, and Project Manager? Have we identified all of the templates and tools necessary to build the course?
  • Final Product – Have we pleased the client with the final product?

As a project manager, we have to focus on all three of these areas of timing, ingredients, and the final product to produce visually explosive eLearning experiences for our clients.

What do you include in your eLearning Project Management Recipes? How would you make this recipe better? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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