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We often get asked about our company name, “eLearning Brothers”. Usually it’s, “Are you really brothers?”.

Well…the answer is Yes! We are brothers and have both working for years in the eLearning industry.

We have had the desire to work together for many years and have both done various “side projects” along the way. However just over a year ago we found ourselves in a moment of time where it was actually possible to start a company together and to give it the love and attention it would need.

Advantages of working with your brother:

  • Makes parents proud that we’ve stopped beating each other up (at least that’s what they think)
  • Keep friends close, keep enemies closer
  • Nothing ever gets embarrassing. We already know everything about each other
  • Can get away with teasing and mean words without worries of a law suit
  • Enjoy long discussions about who’s smarter and/or more handsome
  • Debates about if being older or taller is more important

Latest company off-site meeting:
Mountain biking and Jeeping in Moab Utah. (Taking the eLearning Sisters to Cancun soon.)

Company motto:
“Brothers don’t shake hands…Brothers gotta hug!” (Tommy Boy)

eLearning Brother Clan:

  • 10 loud kids
  • 2 wonderful, sweet, thoughtful, considerate, selfless, dedicated, loving wives. (just in case one of them is reading this we would have included more but text on a screen just wouldn’t do it justice.)

Official Company Goal:
Build awesome eLearning courses and templates for the world.

Personal Company Goal:
Build a company that allows us to “be there” for our families.

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