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It was a pretty big year for Lectora.

At the beginning of 2013, we were graced with Lectora 11, or—more properly—Lectora Inspire version 11. This was a HUGE overhaul, both visually and functionally. It changed the basic interface from a vintage, Windows 95 legacy look to a “force-to-be-reckoned-with” ribbon-based modern software style. Add to that a host of new tools, a smarter back end, integrated social network and social media features, enhanced web object support, a slide out media library, and a new action pane (since all actions are separate entities now). Rounding out this brilliant new Lectora 11 were new versions of Flypaper, Camtasia, and SnagIt.

After a few months, we got Tin Can (a successor to SCORM) support in Lectora’s 11.1 update, followed by the ability to publish to Lectora Express LMS in Lectora 11.2. But it was the release of 11.3 that really got me stoked.

In Lectora 11.3, we gained the integrated ability to track objects, actions, and conditions. That means no more creating your own complex scripts or variable tacking system from scratch; you could now account for which chapters, sections, and pages your learners have visited and completed as a native Lectora function! And they went a step further; you can also automatically display the tracking status within the table of contents and menu objects based! As if that weren’t reason enough to dance in the streets, we got: enhanced transitions, modern effects that can be applied to your object, updated fade-in and fade-out, fly animations, and enhanced transition effects such as, elastic and bounce. Finally, they added a text size tool (to easily resize text throughout the course) and full WCGA2-AA support.

So, how do you top such a fantastic year for a great eLearning program? Simple, you smother it in orange awesome sauce, eLearning Brothers style!

This year, we added a host of Lectora related blog posts, giving you tips, tricks, and ideas straight from our Lectora template and custom development team experts. We shared lots of helpful tips and tricks:

But we didn’t stop there. We created tons of material you can bring right into Lectora, streamlining your development process and putting awesomeness at your fingertips with 10 new Lectora Player Skins, 28 Lectora Layouts, and 37 Lectora Interactions. Most recently, we brought you seven Lectora themes, a self-installing package. We’re the only ones bringing you custom Lectora themes right now, too!

The best news is that we plan to make our 2014 even better than last year, adding more templates, more themes, more interactions, and giving you the best tips and tricks possible.

So follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and come back to the blog daily—you never know when we’ll be sharing our latest and greatest Lectora news!

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