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Brianne Thomas, a learning experience designer for Capitol One and the woman behind Northlake Professional Group, recently interviewed our Studio Director, Rich Vass. Great conversation and laughs ensured. Thus, we wanted to share some of the highlights here.

Rich Vass shared his journey into an instructional design career. He revealed his early dreams of breaking into film and how he became “the accidental instructional designer” at a financial company instead. That’s where he met Todd, also a key member of our custom development team here at eLearning Brothers.

Brianne described eLearning Brothers as “the company everyone wants to be like or wants to work with.” Thank you, Brianne, we’re flattered! As Rich shared in the podcast, we’ve always had a goal to be approachable and to be able to help you with whatever you need. Good to know we’re doing something right!

Speaking of helping people with whatever they need, Rich revealed that we are starting to branch out into virtual and augmented reality projects! Right now we’re working on our first project using Oculus Go technology. I can’t wait to see the cool things our custom team comes up with using Oculus Go.

Head over to Brianne’s site to listen to the entire podcast and find out who is Team Star Wars vs. Team Star Trek.

Want to hear more from Rich Vass or see what our custom development team could create for you? Contact our Custom Solutions team for more info.

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