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Guest post by Gabbie Keegan. She writes mostly about education, lifestyle, writing tricks, and careers. She loves to blog, read classic novels, and travel in different places.

No doubt digital technology has transformed the classroom in many ways. With the tremendous amount of EdTech (education technology) tools and platforms out there, eLearning resources becomes a key player in making big changes and advancement to the face of education.

The web has been a good provider of multitudes of online resources and it helps boost one-of-a-kind learning experiences. A lot of effective, new types of learning style never cease to emerge. These 9 clever EdTech trends will help you achieve a more interactive, unique, and appealing way of learning.

1. Discovery Education

The site provides quality digital media contents and valuable materials covering major school subjects and electives for students, educators and even homeschooling learners. Discovery Education has its line of TechBooks featuring interactive materials, real-time assessment services, a variety of professional development, and gamification. Moreover, you can find tons of videos, audio files, lesson plans, writing prompts, reference materials and simulations giving you a chance to experience endless possibilities beyond the traditional textbooks and classrooms.

2. Vocareum

Vocareum is the first Assignment Management System specifically designed for computer science classes or courses that involves coding. This eLearning platform can be configured for high school advanced placement classes, college courses and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Vocareum has enhanced the efficiency of the coding experience for both educators and students. Through this site, teachers can easily provide guidance on the learning process of the students.

3. School Yourself

For students who are not fond of numbers and equations, School Yourself is the perfect tool to boost your Math achievement. This platform aims to offer a great number of interactive, personalized and free lessons, which include geometry, trigonometry, algebra, pre-calculus and calculus, with the use of built-in analytics tool to take the boredom out of the math subject.

4. eLearning Brothers

If you’re looking for eLearning templates and custom designs for your course content, this site has a bunch of templates every eLearning professional should use. With their most interactive library of assets — which contains eLearning games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, and skins for Adobe Captivate, Articaulte Storyline, Lectora, and PowerPoint. With their eLearning assets you can easily create and build interesting course content. You can purchase their eLearning Templates here.

5. Udacity

Looking for a way to advance your education or career? Udacity is one of the most recommended eLearning softwares because it has its own technique of presenting ‘boring’ lecture-based classes into a more compelling and exciting way. This site also offers Nanodegree programs, an online certification on the following tracks: front-end development, back-end development, iOS development, and data analysis, that can be earned within 6-12 months.

6. Books That Grow

To quickly develop and improve your reading comprehension skills, this digital reading platform will help you achieve it. Books that grow offers a variety of books ranging from literary classics to non-fiction science and social studies. These digital books made accessible to different reading levels so teachers can focus on teaching while their students become better readers

7. Best Essays

Honing English writing skill cannot be done overnight. If you struggle in writing essays, stories or academic papers, Best essays will aid your dilemma. Learning how to master proper sentence structure and grammar is not like a piece of cake. You cannot bring your own academic and proposal writing to perfection without the help of wordsmith experts and skilled editors. Best Essays will elevate the quality of all your paper writing with its excellent proofreading service.

8. Siminars

Siminars is an online eLearning course creator. For educators and eLearning coaches who have difficulties in creating their courses from scratch, Siminars will make your life smooth and easier. This platform has tools that allows users to build, publish and share an entire course instantly to their students in an engaging and effective way on the web.

9. Skill Share

Make learning more fun and amazing by working and connecting with other active learners worldwide. Skillshare encourages coaches, teachers and students to educate and sharpen their skills and talent by letting them work and learn things at their own pace. You need not to worry on your daily schedule because this site is project-based and its online classes made accessible to everyone at any time and anywhere. By signing up for a class, you will get access to lifetime materials for whatever class you pick.

Watching EdTech evolve and adapt to learning applications and games that offer a full-featured experience on various platforms makes learning more stimulating and enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed this post.

What eLearning trends do you see in the industry today? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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