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Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a grand total of 804 new eLearning templates in the year of 2013! (If you add all the cutout people images and page layouts, which we don’t always add to our numbers that would be 14,446 new templates!) That means Here is the break down:

314 Games/Interactions/Quizes
3,653 Cutout People
58 Player Skins
10,269 Page Layouts
210 Stock/Graphics/Sounds

If you are new to the eLearning Template Library, that is significant because you have a library filled a wide variety of games, interactions, player skins, layouts, and cutout people for all the major eLearning authoring tools. We also give you the source files! So making changes to our eLearning templates is easy.

Below are a few highlights of the upload in December 2013! Thanks for such a great year in 2013. We look forward to wonderful 2014.


New Articulate Player Skins!

Presenter Player Skins

Check out our library of Articulate Player Skins.


New Lectora Player!


Check out our library of Lectora Players.

New Articulate Storyline Game and Interactions!


eLearning Templates eLearning Templates eLearning Templates

Check out our library of Articulate Storyline Interactions and Articulate Storyline Games.

New Adobe Edge Game and Interaction!

Edge Glossary Intro Bottom Edge Trivia

Check out our library of Adobe Edge Games and Adobe Edge Interactions.

New Articulate QuizMaker ’13 Game!

QuizMaker World Race

Check out our library of Articulate QuizMaker Activities.

New Vector Buttons!

eLearning templates eLearning templates

Check out our library of Buttons.

New Articulate Storyline People Characters, Cutout People Images, and Cartoon Character!

storyline_Angela2 storyline_Todd

 mark Tasha2 cartoon_faceless_woman

Check out our library of Articulate Storyline Characters and Cutout People Images.


Note: These templates are available for download for all current Template Library subscribers. Sign up to our eLearning Template Library and get TONS of great templates.

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