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8 things we learned from the new camtasia announcement

We just excitedly watched TechSmith’s announcement about Camtasia! Here are eight new things we learned from the broadcast.

  1. There are new built-in Assets and they look great. They calculated over $1,000 worth of assets, both visual and musical, included in your library.
  2. They’ve updated to a more Modern UI. No longer the old-looking Camtasia, but a new, dark-room style interface.
  3. They’ve added a new feature called Behaviors. These are little pre-built animations that work on text as well as other items. Drag and drop these onto any item, and you’ve got a flashy animation. These freakin’ blew our minds.
  4. They’ve updated the text editor. You can now edit your text in the canvas, not just in the Properties pane.
  5. There is actually a separate Properties pane now, separated from the Tools pane. This is another improvement to the modern UI.
  6. It’s built on a more powerful engine. It’s 64-bit, ready for up to 4k video.
  7. They’ve added cross platform compatibility. You can pass your project from PC, to PC, to Mac, to PC, to Mac, and everything still works!
  8. It’s coming soon. Like, real soon. Like October soon. They didn’t give us a date, but October.

In the announcement, they gave us a link to register to be told when it is released. You can bet that we’ve already done so! If you’re interested, you can watch the announcement in its entirety below.

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