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After going through our Articulate Storyline game library recently, and through the shear volume of sports games we found, we realized what big sports fanatics we actually are. Many of those on our team either athletic or, at least a bit sports-minded, and it’s a thrill to chat about the latest game over the water cooler, talking stats, and making friendly wagers.

In recognition of our apparent addiction to athletics, today we’d like to feature seven of our favorite sports-themed Articulate Storyline game templates, which can be easily integrated into your next eLearning course.

Dinger Shot

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.30.55

Here’s a unique lacrosse-themed game template. Learners are presented with a series of questions. If they answer a question correctly, they take a shot at the goal and score. Answer incorrectly, and the ball will be snatched out of the air by the tenacious goalkeeper.

Home Run

home run

America’s favorite pastime now comes to a Storyline course near you! Incorrect answers result in your character getting a strike, and correct answers knock one out of the park–to the delight of the crowd. Batter up!

Alpine Skiing

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.31.56

Strap on your skis and hit the powder! Your objective is to shred this mountain from summit to base. Each answer gets you one checkpoint closer to the end. A correct answer will highlight the checkpoint in green, while incorrect answers highlight in red. Make it down the slope with good form to wow the judges with your inhuman levels of knowledge and superior skiing skills.

Marathon Challenge

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.32.41

You’ve trained for months, broken in your running shoes, and made sure you were hydrated and ready to go. Follow that proud tradition of lacing up and running an obscene distance to prove your endurance and physical prowess. Much like a real marathon, the real trick here is to keep going, even when you feel like you’ve failed miserably. Each incorrect answer will give you another chance at getting it right, and when you finally do succeed, you advance another leg in your 26.2-mile journey. The real key is your time. Can you finish faster than your classmates?

Speed Way

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.35.00

With each question, your race car accelerates by 10 miles per hour. Can you get yourself to a pulse-pounding 100 miles per hour by the end of the quiz?

Golf Challenge

golf challenge flash elearning game

You are given a a bird’s-eye view of a golf course. Each correct answer earns you a glorious hole-in-one shot. Make your way through each hole, and see if you can make it through the course under par.


Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.35.30

The most popular sport in the world, football (real football) is available as an Articulate Storyline game template. Answer correctly and sneak a shot past the goalkeeper. With Shootout as your next eLearning game, you’re sure to meet all of your goooooooooooooooooooooooaals!

Find these and many other Articulate Storyline games in our template library.

Which of these games did you like the best? Are there any sports we should add to our library? Let us know in the comments!

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