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Lectora User Conference

Since the Lectora User Conference (#LUC2014) is coming up March 31 – April 4, in Hollywood, CA, I thought I’d share a little advice on how to have the most AWESOME experience possible.

1. Attend the Keynotes

These folks are keynote speakers for a reason. The sessions are always totally enjoyable, and Lectora picks GREAT speakers. And just because a keynote speaker isn’t an eLearning professional doesn’t mean there aren’t serious takeaways. I often find that the folks who are outside elearning often have a fresh, unique take on development, leadership, asset management, or some other related vein that I can tap to make my elearning design and development more efficient, effective, and enjoyable.

2. Pick Your Breakouts Sessions by Benefit

Don’t just look at the titles of the talks, look at the descriptions. Find things that sound interesting, sure, but look for talks and breakouts that specifically address problems, concerns, or ideas that you have in your day-to-day work. Maybe someone is even doing a talk about something specific you’re tackling at your job—that’s DEFINITELY the talk for you!

3. Visit the Exhibitor and Sponsor Showcase (a.k.a. Vendor Alley)

Vendors are there for a few reasons – to drive sales, to demo their newest products, to grow their brand, etc. But most importantly, the vendors are there to meet you – YOU – in person. The people who buy and use their products and services. They want nothing more than to meet you and talk to you, so go mingle! Most are happy to share tips, tricks, and answer your craziest questions. Hey, we’ll be there, so stop by and say hello at the eLearning Brothers booth!

4. Get to Know Everyone You Meet

When I first started going to professional development, training, and learning conferences, I found out a great way to learn more than I would have otherwise was to engage others at the coffee socials and between sessions. Don’t be scared – training and elearning folks are kind and friendly by nature, and Lectora folks are especially so. Gather a little group of friends. Then, arrange to have lunches and dinners together where you can share what you’ve each learned throughout the day. Chances are you might have hit a few different talks or breakouts, so share the knowledge with each other!

Added bonus: Getting to know people helps you grow your professional network.

5. Be a Social MEDIA Butterfly, #LUC2014

Going along with that, exchange Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media info with others. Considering adding it to your business cards if it’s not there already – seriously! I find that I really enjoy reading the feeds from people who went to different sessions that I did. Sure, I might be able to get a copy of the presentation, but often it’s the little bits of elearning or knowledge goodness the presenter sprinkles over the talk that are the real gems – and they usually get shared on social media.

Added bonus: Social media connections will help you stay in touch long after the conference and continue to share knowledge.

6. Bring Your Tablet/Smartphone Everywhere

I know, I know… it’s not school. But seriously, TAKE NOTES. Write down everything (electronically, if possible). If you follow step 5, some of this work is even done for you – just go back to your feeds at the end of each day, and copy-and-paste them into a document. Add the things that happen and notes you take outside the social media stream to the same document. Then name it using the name of the conference and the date (LUC2014-Apr03 Notes.docx, for example). You’ll notice I said to do this electronically if possible – there’s a reason for that, too. If you take handwritten notes, type them in the evening or on the plane home. Why? An electronic document can easily be searched later for specific information or topics! Imagine all the knowledge of the conference at the touch of your fingers. And not just general conference knowledge; the things that are directly and specifically important to you and your job!

Follow these steps to get a much better cost-benefit from your Lectora User Conference experience. You’ll notice it, and when you get home, your coworkers and boss will notice, too!

Don’t forget to follow eLearning Brothers on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll see you in Hollywood next week!

As a matter of fact, let’s start your social media butterfly-ing right now, what are some way that you get more benefit from your conference experiences? (Don’t forget to use the conference hashtag, LUC2014.)


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